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Sipping into Spring

With Spring in full swing and the sun shining brightly, it's time to bid adieu to winter hibernation and step into the great outdoors for some quality time with friends and family. What better way to celebrate the reduced heating bill than spending...

Who Runs the World? Girls!

New Zealand has amazing winemakers in every wine region of our beautiful country and many of them are women. From the outside the wine industry seems a male dominated world but in recent years it has seen a steep increase in young, talented and...

Isn’t it iconic, don’t you think?

When choosing the brands for this article, I thought what does iconic mean? So, I headed to the dictionary. The Oxford dictionary definition of iconic is, Iconic adjective /aɪˈkɒnɪk/ /aɪˈkɑːnɪk/ ​being a famous person or thing that people admire...

Are you Ready to Rosé?

Do you plaster #yeswayrose all over your Instagram account or are you yet to find one that really floats your boat? There’s so much more to rosé than the three P’s, Pale, Pink and Provence. Rosé has been in growth mode for several years and with a...