Who is ‘The Wine Writer’?
What is ‘The Wine Writer’?
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What is the Wine Writer?

All wines are tasted by Sammy Wilkinson DipWSET unless otherwise stated. All wines submitted are tasted in the Jancis Robinson ‘One Glass for Every Wine’ glass and are scored using a star rating system.

A 5 Star wine at $20.00 and a 5 Star wine at $80.00 are clearly different. Therefore, all scores given are based on the merits of the wine; its typicity, price point and quality will be taken into consideration.

Wines will be divided into two classes for rating: below $30.00 retail and above $30.00 retail. Wines are not compared or tasted in a line-up. Every wine is tasted individually.

 A review will not be provided if a wine receives a score lower than 3 Stars. Stickers are available to purchase for scores of 4 Stars and above.


The Wine Writer

Star System

3 Stars

Acceptable Quality

3.5 Stars

Good Quality

4 Stars


4.5 Stars

Very Good

5 Stars


5+ Stars



Sammy Wilkinson is affiliated with Booster Wine Group, which includes Sileni, Awatere River, Waimea & Bannock Brae, these wines will not be reviewed by Sammy Wilkinson for The Wine Writer.

Any reviews provided for Booster Wine Group’s brands will continue to be provided independently by Angie Atkinson.

Send Wine for Review

To have your wine reviewed, please download the below PDF file, complete and email or send with samples.